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Viviane Guenoun is a fashion jewelry and accessory firm created in 1989 that thrives to enhance the unique beauty of every woman through eclectic pieces that define her essence and style. The company is one of the most important design brands with a great international presence in countries like the Dominican Republic, Panama, and the United States.

Viviane Guenoun graduated in Mass Communications from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, and after obtaining a degree in journalism decided to join a family business that included a distribution, import, and manufacturing facility, established in Caracas by her parents Samuel and Gisela Guenoun. Viviane trained as a jewelry maker in the studio of Alexis de la Sierra and upon completing her studies, developed several lines for some of Venezuela’s top designers: Angel Sanchez, Guy Melliet, Margarita Zingg and Raenrra.

During the mid-nineties and for several consecutive years, she designed the accessories and fashion pieces for the prestigious Miss Venezuela pageant. In 2002 she was invited as a special guest of the Miss Dominican Republic pageant in which she also created all the jewelry that the contestants wore. She has also participated on several occasions in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Caracas. The year 2005 definitely established her in the North American market when she participated in Miami Fashion Week. For three years she was part of Panama Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion events in Central America.

Numerous and prestigious magazines, both in Latin America and in the US, have featured Guenoun in its pages: Hello Magazine, Look Caras, Ocean Drive, Too Much, Complot, Estampas, Access, Ella, OK, People en Español, Maxim and Florida International Magazine, amongst others. Throughout her long and successful career, many celebrities have worn her designs: Thalia, Paulina Rubio, Eglantinza Zingg, Camila Canabal, Daniela Kosán, Federica Guzmán, Viviana Gibelli, Erika de la Vega, Rebeca Moreno, Nohelí Arteaga and Norelys Rodríguez.

In 2014, the designer created the collection “Viviane Guenoun by Swarovski Elements” certified by the famous crystal manufacturer. Currently the firm produces four annual impressive collections: Spring/Summer, Resort, Pre-Fall and Autumn/Winter. The use of gold, silver and nickel are embedded in the brand’s DNA, as well as the incorporation of a fabulous array of color and a vast array of gems.

Currently, she's working with Claudia Zuleta to create a collab for #YoMeQuiero, a project dear to Claudia which involves women empowerment. 

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