Francisca Vetencourt Carrillo, Venezuelan Jewelry Designer, is the creator of this brand of beautiful Jewelry and Accessories that was born in 2007.

Her training comes from the renowned Jewelry School of Maestro Raúl Ybarra, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico; then continuing her studies in Colombia, Barranquilla.

Her designs have materialized in Contemporary Jewelry and Leather Goods; Made by hand with skill, while using and combining different manufacturing techniques, with impeccable finishes and with Colombian raw materials and others imported from Italy, Turkey, the United States, India, Mexico and Brazil.

The main components of the Jewels are precious metals and base metals, adorned with natural, precious and non-precious Gems; Pearls, corals, metallic fossils, exotic skins and feathers. 

In short, each finished product that Francisca Vetencourt offers you, has been a true unique and original piece of art, with impressive designs that together give life to a modern, elegant brand with a lot of personality, with pieces that, although they form a symbiosis perfect with fashion and trends, they are unique, different and impressive, making whoever wears them feel that way.

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