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Aimer Gil is like a childhood dream that is born from innate creativity and curiosity for the physical and spiritual world that surrounds us, the result of an appreciation for its colors, textures, landscapes, cultures, and traditions.
The brand was born from a need to create, tell past and present stories, to represent the roots in a living and mobile way, and it obeys the growing demand for uniqueness and exclusivity; from handicrafts made into fashion and from the return to the roots of the industry.
Timeless pieces of art to wear laid-back opulence and quality finishes inspired by nature and life.

Our jewels are made under 60 % sustainable processes, in some pieces, a PVC compound is used that comes from recycled plastic together with other compounds gives us the ease of sculpting plastic shapes, as well as we focus on the use of recycled paper. and encapsulated to make the body of some earrings.

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